KinderStation kindergarten is the highest level in our school which is divided into 2 (two) levels:

  • TK A (4-5 years old)  : Caterpillar class
  • TK B (5-6 years old)   : Butterfly class

Our kindergarten aims to build the child’s learning independency, especially:

  • To have the ability to make their own decisions
  • To managed and solve their own problems
  • Having the responsibility for themselves.

Subject learned:

Besides our thematic IPC integrated learning, we also combine the lessons with subjects such as: Language, Math, Bahasa Indonesia, Montessori/EPL, Physical Education, Religion, Mandarin and ICT. Fun games are applied to help children to comprehend what they are learning and as a friendly approach to a child’s brain in their leaning process. Every academic year we have outdoor classes/field trips, guest speakers and exhibition/performances related with the theme learned as an implementation of KinderStation’s mission, which is to create a fun learning environment for its kindergarten students and preparing them for a better future.