KinderStation Primary

Welcome parents. I believe education is important for everyone. KinderStation Primary/SD Cahaya Bangsa Utama is here out of the need provide a quality education for our children. I am delighted to be your partner in your child education. In the following pages you will find information designed to familiarize you with our expectations and programs. By enrolling your child in our school you have become part of our family that enjoys the fun and the rigor of real learning. I sincerely hope that in reading about our school and our activities you will gain a sense of the excitement and enthusiasm that is so evident to all who visit our school. I invite you to contact my colleagues or myself should you wish to discuss your child educational progress and needs.

SD Cahaya Bangsa Utama/KinderStation Primary is an internationally oriented primary school. We are a privately operated, multi-faith school committed to encouraging each and every student to achieve his/her full potential in both learning and social development; to prepare our students to become responsible citizens of the world. At KinderStation Primary/SD Cahaya Bangsa Utama we combine the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) with the national curriculum to provide your child with the best possible foundation on which to build their future. Our integrated and thematic curriculum uses English as the main language of instruction to give learning experiences that are relevant, engaging and enjoyable, helping our students to develop a creative and open mind.

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