Mr. Gomez
Teacher of Caterpillar 1 Class
In my opinion, being a teacher doesn't only gives answers out to their students, but also understands of their needs, challenging them, provide them tools to prepare them succeed in the future. A good teacher is also like a good entertainer, grase students attention, then you can teach them. I love to be a teacher in KinderStation.
Ms. Wanti
Teacher of Caterpillar 1 Class
Being grateful for everything I have, will make my life happier. So I always try to do my best and let God do the rest.
Ms. Dera
Teacher of Caterpillar 2 Class
Hi.. I am Ms. Dera. Teaching is a wonderful job. I love the students and their continuing ability to amaze me. Teaching is my passion and long-lasting career. I love it!
Ms. Ika
Teacher of Butterfly 1 Class
I have been a teacher for about 10 years and I love working in the field of education. I was so excited and grateful when I received the opportunity to join IPC training at Nexus International School in Putra Jaya Malaysia in 2014. Now, I’m trying to nurture the IPC soul in Kinderstation.
Ms. Ina
Teacher of Butterfly 2 Class
I am passionate about teaching and working with children. it is wonderful and challenging for me.
Ms. Listi
Teacher of Butterfly 2 Class
For me, teaching is always fun. The students can always give me something to learn. I believe, when I'm teaching, I'm also learning.


Ms. Via
Teacher of Bumblebee Class
To be a teacher is a gift, for to teach is to touch lives forever. Children may forget what we said, but they will not forget how we made them feel.
Ms. Ririn
Teacher of Bumblebee Class
I am lucky to be a teacher in KinderStation, because I really love children. I also want to be a good teacher for them. The teachers in KinderStation are friendly and always willing to share their knowledge with me. That's why, I am so happy here
Ms. Indah
Teacher of Beetle Class
Hello, I'm Miss Indah. I really love and enjoy to work with the kids. I can learn so many things from them. I like collecting unique things. Play my furry friend, Brandon and really enjoys reading book
Ms. Ibas
Teacher of Beetle Class
Life is to pray and work hard. After year teaching elementary students, learning from young children is a new experience for me, which makes me a grateful person.
Ms. Widy
Teacher of Dragonfly Class
I love to learn and the students teach me something new everyday. It's great to spend time with the children, we can learn a lot from them as well. I also want my students to discover their talents and feel good about them selves
Ms. Fitri
Teacher of Dragonfly Class
I'm happy to be a part of KinderStation. I can learn with the children and play with them. They are really cute and so awesome. To be a teacher for the children is not easy but I always try to do my best
Ms. Mia
Teacher of Dragonfly Class
Having my own children is a blessing and working with children as a teacher is a passion. Teaching them is also learning from them. There's never "enough" in getting knowledge.


Ms. Mikha
Teacher of AfterSchool
Teaching children? It's not easy because they are unique and wonderful. I like teaching children. They learn from me and I learn from them. It's nice to learn and play together. Thank you, children. Love you...
Ms. Mayang
Teacher of AfterSchool
I love kids and I like spending my time with children